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Principal's Message

Hanby Families,

What a privilege it is for me to walk with you, your students, and our staff as the principal of Hanby Middle School. Our partnership is vital to the success of our students. I’ve lived many roles over my career as an educator and I am honored and humbled by the enormity of this one. 

I began my career teaching Language Arts and French and spent the majority of the first 15 years teaching in Eagle Point. I was also an Assessment Coordinator and Instructional Coach there for 8 years. Then, I finished my teaching as a high school and middle school math teacher here at Hanby.

My wife just retired from 32 years of teaching kindergarten this past year and we enjoy spending time with our 3 grandchildren and our kids.

I have loved being a part of the Hanby Husky culture over the past 6 years. I love helping our students see how they can thrive when they pursue our motto here: Huskies Care - we care for ourselves; we care for each other; we care for our school. As we follow a path of learning we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves and allow that compassion to guide us to values like learning well, thinking of others, and working together to create a culture of belonging and welcome.

Partnering with you is a reward and joy that pays off in the culture you are helping us create too! Thanks for all you do to support what your students are learning and their engagement with school every day. Middle school can be a difficult age for students. They face so many challenging changes in their lives at this age. What power and joy we have to partner together to help them navigate the tricky waters and fledge from Hanby ready for the next adventure in their development.

Thanks for sharing this awesome responsibility with us. 

Kindest regards,
Lee Shupe                               


Lee Shupe, HMS Principal

Lee Shupe


Danielle Goode, HMS Vice Principal

Danielle Goode 
Vice Principal



806 6th Ave
Gold Hill, OR  97525