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School Counselor

HMS School Counseling Vision

It is our vision that each student will grow up to live, work, and learn in a community where they are valued, connected, and know they belong.  Each student honors the dignity of others; realizes their own knowledge, talents, value, worth, and resilience; and are contributing, productive citizens, community members, and neighbors.  Each student takes the initiative to enhance their community, their society, and our planet. 

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Lisa Rullman, HMS Counselor

Lisa Rullman
School Counselor

Our counseling program is available to ALL students at Hanby and CAMP, free of charge.  We recognize and build upon strengths and diversity.  We celebrate the unique qualities, resilience, and healing potential of students, individually and collectively.  Our services include:


We teach classes, small groups, and individuals with the intent to help all students maximize their potential by enhancing academic, social/emotional, and career development.  We use ODE's standards to guide our instruction.

Emotion Regulation

We provide a space for students to calm when their thoughts and emotions overwhelm them.  During these visits, we teach students the foundations of Neuroscience and the Science of Learning and teach them calming and stress-management skills.  We utilize the RULER approach (from Yale) to teach students about their nervous systems and  to regulate their attention/focus, thoughts, and emotions so that they can make the most out of their time at school.

Appraisal  & Advisement

We help students understand their values, abilities, interests, talents, and skills.   With this information, we work with students to establish short- and long- term goals, develop plans, and make decisions for their future.  Our ultimate goal is to inspire students to realize their full potential.

Individual & Group Counseling

When situations, concerns, and issues interfere with students' growth, we provide solution-focused, short-term individual or small group counseling sessions.  We help students make positive changes to better cope or adapt to life stressors, to accomplish goals (related to mental health, wellness, or education), and to establish and maintain healthy relationships.  We frequently help students with academic problems, relationship issues, grief and loss, abuse, and stress management.   The goal is to promote students' personal and social growth and foster their educational progress.   

Although we do not provide long-term mental health therapy, we respond to student mental health needs and can assist students and families seeking community resources and referrals.

Crisis Intervention

We provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crises and emergencies.  We work closely with the student, family, administration, and community partners to ensure the student is safe a receives the necessary care.

Collaboration, Consultation, & Referrals

We work closely with teachers, students, and families to provide support when students struggle at school. From daily/weekly check-ins to supporting a student in developing positive relationships with teachers and staff.   It is our goal to assist all students in recognizing their own abilities to problem solve, ask for help, self-advocate, and reach academic and self-success.  At times, we may also teach lessons in the classroom and/or collaborate with teachers in teaching and supporting their students.

We’ve found that it truly does “take a village”, and we frequently reach out to our district and community partners to join us in supporting our students. 


Willow at Sundown

Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

--Victor E. Frankl